Lloyd’s Prologue

Lloyd’s shipping agencies is one of the leading freight forwarding company based in Karachi/Pakistan. Lloyd’s Shipping Agencies is a technology backed company, driven by young professionals, equipped with modern concepts, and riding on the 25 years of experience since 1990. At Lloyd’s Shipping Agencies, we strive to achieve Customer Satisfaction on every shipment we undertake. Our aim is to take ownership of customer’s requirements and to ensure that their workload is kept to a minimum. As an ethically responsible company we like to take Personal interest in your businesses’ success. Compliance with our own high standards is not left to Chance. We believe that our people are our greatest Asset. All ‘Lloyd’s Shipping Agencies’ employees are provided with continual and extensive training and are rewarded for surpassing customers’ expectations.

At present LLOYD’S is active in SEA, AIR freight forwarding business handling both Inbound & outbound traffic for FCL & LCL shipments as well as provide Buyer’s consolidation services on behalf of different buyers based in UNITED STATES, EUROPE, CANADA, MIDDLE EAST.

Our services includes:


Due to vast experience in the logistic industry as well as by having potential volumes we are having excellent negotiated rates with the major carriers who offer services from Pakistan to USA, EUROPE & CANADA.

LLOYD’S SHIPPING – Leader in Global Logistics Management

To establish and maintain global leadership in a business, it is vital that the organization as a whole (with every single employee) knows its mission and where it is heading. It is equally important that the organization shares the same basic internal values, that it uses the same performance drivers and continuously improves competencies to better serve the customers more efficiently. In relations with its customers, employees, and society in general, it is essential that all LLOYD’S employees act in such a way that they gain and maintain the respect of all stakeholders.

To support LLOYD’S in performing its responsibilities, I have identified following as our code of conduct;

Code of conduct

For a company of international stature, to be consistently successful, it is vital that the organization, and every single employee in the performance of his/her duties, is seen and perceived as economically, socially and ethically responsible.

This is the only way to ensure lasting, positive and acceptable, financial and social development.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Responsibility towards customers

To gain and maintain customers by continuous development, research and to be able to provide products/services and solutions that meet customers’ expectations regarding Quality in service, Security in business and Commitment.

Responsibility towards employees

To respect our co-workers and their rights. To help create safe and good working conditions. And ensuring that each of us is working to our maximum potential. We should be committed to continuously develop our skills and competencies to ensure the customers’ satisfaction and our individual career possibilities.

Our senior management has long-standing and extensive experience in:

Lloyd’s Shipping Agencies has been working vigorously to develop potential regional services. We also maintain a global computerized network to keep track on both business developments and cargo location in order to enhance business efficiency. The emphasis in this aspect is placed on the cultivating of cosmopolitan talents and internationalizing its staff, as such all employees have been given professional training. Thus their skills and experiences have become our assets.

We provide one center point of communications to our customer to give them user friendly services so they can easily communicate and planed their goods/shipment in well organize manor. Our buyer can get.


By having all above information customer fully update with their goods at each and every step of his shipment.